Gingers Uniforms - WARNING: DO NOT do business with Endicia/Dymo

Knoxville, Tennessee 0 comments

For the last several years I have used Endicia/Dymo to buy postage and print my stamps from my desk.I bought my stamp printer and scale from them and initially my stamps from their company.

However, the expense of their products were too costly for my small Mom and Pop business so I bought other approved labels at 5 to 7 times less than what Endicia/Dymo sells. Now Endicia/Dymo is strong arming its customers by requiring their customers to buy ther stamp stickers to continue with the free program or pay 9.95 a month to use our own approved USPS stickers. This is extortion.

Do not do business with Endicia/Dymo.Send a message to the company by not buying any Dymo products.

Review about: Endicia Dymo Stamps Program.

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